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Industrial Foam Celso

CELSO, industrial foam transformer, possesses a large stock of references, which perform many functions of industrial applications.

The interns Celso Services (engineering, design office, laboratory, production) allow to propose to each customers an industrial foam solution that meets their functional and regulatory requirements.

The Celso foams are widely used in industry because they possess different and specific properties.

Celso propose some :

  • Absorption & damping foams 
  • Foams for the manufacture of seals
  • Filter foams (air or water)
Celso, fournisseur de mousse industrielle
Cale composée de mousse industrielle

We are able to propose some different foams, with different functionality answering to the various needs of our customer from the industrial sector :

  • Comfort
  • Positioning
  • Packaging
  •  Support
  • Vibration absorption
  • Resilience
  • Soundproofing / Sound insulation
  • Cleaning
  • Fire resistance
  • Padding
  • Reinforcement
  • Shock absorption
  • Filling
  • Thermal insulation
  • Hydrophilic absorption
  • Seals and Sealing
  • Filtration
  • Food contact
  • Antistatic

Celso‘s foam realization to protect parts in aeronautical workshops

Celso‘s Foam protection for thrust reverser

Celso‘s Foam product with integrated circuit & electronic components

Some examples of Industrial Foam achievements