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Cellular materials and their main functions

CELSO store and transform everyday hundreds of technical foams and cellular materials with multiple properties.
These foams are used in many different functions : Mattresses, Furnitures, Aeronautical cushions, Office furnitures, Automotive saddlery, Boat, Caravan, Wheelchairs, Medical equipment, Baby/Child care, Sport protection, Industrial packaging and foam for advertising, etc…

Materials families :

Families of materials:

– PU ether
– PU Viscoelastic
– PU graphite
– PU ester
– PU impregnated
– PU Bonded Felt
– PU Foams Melamine
– PE Crosslinked and non-crosslinked
– Cellular and compact rubbers
– Silicone Foam and compact silicone
– Rigid Foams

Main functions :

– Resilience
– Thermal insulation
– Soundproofing
– Acoustic transparency
– Sound Absorption
– Hydrophilic Absorption
– Cleaning
– Seals and Sealing
– Anti-condensation
– Buoyancy
– Filtration
– Electrostatic discharge
– Food contact
– Fire resistance

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